Life Water

LIFE WATER – Life in every drop: 500 ml Glass Water Bottle

With an objective to find a SUSTAINABLE and ECONOMICALLY VIABLE alternative for single use plastic water bottle, we present you with “LIFE WATER – 500 ml Glass Water Bottle”, which is ENVIRONMENT and PEOPLE friendly. This resonates with our commitment for “BETTER PLANET” and HAPPY LIVES”.

Here’s why, this is an indispensable alternative:

SAFE WATER: Glass, unlike plastic bottles, is inert and has an almost zero rate chemical interaction ensuring that the products inside a glass bottle keep their strength, aroma and flavor.

ECO FRIENDLY: Reusable and Recyclable. Replaces single use plastic water bottles.

  • Reusable Bottle: Can be reused by the customer multiple times without losing its quality and shape. Easy to clean, can be sterilized very quickly in boiling water.
  • Recyclable Indefinitely: Unlike Plastic, Glass is made from all-natural, sustainable raw materials (mostly sand) and doesn’t degrade overtime. It can be recycled again and again without losing any quality or purity.